Family Portrait Sessions | Summer Special

Summer is here in all of her glory. Warm mornings, cold fruit, shade, hot nights, sprinklers, backyard and porch shenanigans, sundresses, barefeet, flowers in bloom, golden light. Summer is my most favorite time of the year to photograph families. There is a looseness - a softness and surrendering - during the warm months that suggests we drop the rigidity of the busy day and get on with taking a break and living simply.

An open field during the golden hour and a bowl of juicy fruit, a picnic blanket, sticks and floral crowns... On your porch or in your backyard, just the everyday, fresh flowers... A lingering walk at creek's edge, birdsong, clouds, hand holding... Any way you want to remember your summer memories, I would be honored to capture them for you. Suggested time of day for summer portrait sessions are in the morning or early evening.

Summer Special Sessions - July 29, 30, 31 

  • Limited availability - only 2 sessions per day
  • 30 minute session  5 high resolution files  $250
  • 60 minute session  10 high resolution files  $450
  • Additional images and prints will be available for purchase
  • Custom framing options are available
  • Curated session at location of choice (within the Denver Metro area)

Hope to see you and yours soon!