Just for Kids

The days are getting longer and warmer. My two young sons are wanting to be outside from sun-up until sun-down, if not longer. I can hardly blame them. This time of year we are called outside, to live and breathe and play. Just the other night my youngest sun was in the creek - shoes on - fishing out trash with a long stick, balancing on large stones. His shoes have since been on our front porch, covered in crusted creek sand. They are a dried up mess. And I've yet to worry about cleaning them up. In fact, I see them and get the warm fuzzies. He played freely into the full moon light that night with his friends. I love to think about that. I did not have my camera on me that evening. If I had, I would've documented those moments. I have a collection of photographs of my sons playing freely in and along creek beds, snippets of their childhood that my husband and I love to look at and remember. And my sons love those pictures just as much. I keep an heirloom bowl in our living room full of prints and photo books, and I find them often pawing through that bowl.

Family portraits are a beautiful thing, and I love to take them. But Just for Kids sessions are not for dressing up and having to face the camera full on. There will not be one, just say cheese. They are not for staying still or wearing clothes you would never wear on any old day. Just for Kids sessions are for dirty knees and elbows, fairy wings, floral crowns, big, huge sticks, bare feet. They are for open space, your favorite park swing, in your backyard, playing next to the creek. They're for watermelon, or one single huge balloon on top of a hill during the golden hour. And the golden hour is good. These days the early evening hours are my favorite time to photograph my own sons. They come alive like fireflies. I could chase them for days. 

So what will we do? We'll curate a location along with some of your child(re)'s favorite things for exploring and playing in the natural world. For up to an hour, I will document your kiddo simply just being a kid. These images are made with the intention to frame as works of fine art, and to live tangibly in your home. Each session includes your choice of one 11x14 or two 8x10 matte prints, ready for framing. Custom framing options and custom Colorado beetle pine photo boxes are available.

Just for Kids Session Details:

  • Up to one hour of photography at chosen location
  • 10 digital images
  • Either one 11x14 or two 8x10 fine art matte prints, ready for framing
  • All images in an online gallery for six months, with option to purchase additional prints
  • Just for Kids sessions are just for kids! No parents in the photos! :) 
  • $275 (special pricing for June - August)

To schedule a Just for Kids session, please use the contact form to get in touch, or feel free to email me at katieneumanphotography@gmail.com.